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“Personal Training is my passion! Ever since a young age it was my ambition to be a personal trainer and help people achieve their goals through health and fitness.

My sporting background is in Martial Arts. I am currently a 2nd Dan Black Belt in Tai Jutsu, Black Belt in Ju Jitsu and have competed in the national championships for Kick Boxing. I have also successfully trained for Snowdonia Marathon, 3 Peaks Challenge and ‘Tough Guy’ and also enjoy Golf, Snow Boarding and Cycling.

After completing my degree in Sports Science, I have continued my development as a personal trainer, completing a diploma in personal training, NSCA Strength and Conditioning Qualification and also the ‘CHEK Institutes’ Exercise Coach program which included Scientific Back Care, Advanced Programme Design and Advanced Core Conditioning.

With the knowledge and experience that I have gained I have successfully trained people for weight loss, injury recovery, sports performance and health and well being.

Whether I am working with individuals, team sports players, corporate clients or running a boot camp, I deliver well-designed and organized training sessions so that everyone can achieve their desired goals.”


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  • Personal Trainer 5 Star Reviews | Positive Impact Fitness
  • C.H.E.K Institute Holistic Lifestyle Coach | Positive Impact Fitness
  • CSCS Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist | Positive Impact Fitness
  • Personal Trainer Diploma | Positive Impact Fitness
  • Brunel University London BSc Sports Science Course | Positive Impact Fitness
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