Areas of Expertise

Over the last 10 years in Health & Fitness Industry I have developed a unique personal training system that enables me to help a wide variety of individuals achieve their health and fitness goals. Here are just a few of the areas that I specialise in:

Weight Loss – Through my special designed nutritional and exercise routine I have helped many clients achieve long term and sustainable weight loss. I have had some fantastic results with a range of clients from those just wanting to lose a few pounds through to those who have been diagnosed as clinically obese and have lost several stone.

General Fitness & Muscle Toning – For those clients who want to improve their cardio-vascular fitness as well as the general shape and tone of their body. For this type of training I use a combination of high intensity circuit training along with a combination or core and resistance exercises to achieve great results.

Injury Rehabilitation – Over the last 10 years I have learnt how to assess posture, flexibility and core function and have also studied human movement and biomechanics. I have also worked alongside some of the countries top spinal surgeons, physiotherapists and osteopaths. With this knowledge I have helped people recover from a whole host of injuries from bad backs, shin splints and neck and shoulder issues.

Sports Specific Training– With my background in a variety of sports including running, cycling, golf, tennis, rugby, martial arts and skiing, as well as my understanding of sports biomechanics. I have successfully trained several individuals and teams to improve their sporting performance through strength & conditioning as well as functional SAQ.

If you would like any further information about any of the areas above or to find out more about the other services I provide please click here to contact me.