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Eating out is one of life’s little luxuries, but it doesn’t mean your health has to suffer. In this series of blogs, I will take a look at local restaurant’s menus and give you some tips on how to make tasty choices that are less terrible for our waistlines and our overall health. This time round I visit Lomito in Gerrards Cross.

Steakhouses are all the rage at the moment and South Buckinghamshire definitely hasn’t missed out, with Lomito in Gerrards Cross, Prime in Beaconsfield and Miller and Carter in Holtspur all opening up in the year or so. Lomito’s Argentinian link was particularly appealing to me, having spent a month travelling around the beautiful country at the end of 2017.

Making healthier choices from this menu is pretty easy, with several tasty starter and main options. For starter, both the Ecuadorian ceviche (raw shrimp with red onion, rice crackers, roasted tomato and red pepper sauce) and beetroot tartare (with mint salsa verde, guacamole and pickled chilli) both sounds fresh and delicious – the perfect way to start your meal.

The obvious main choice is a steakhouse is steak! As well as arguably the most flavourful option, rump (bife de cuadril) is also the leanest so definitely the healthiest cut. Whichever you choose though, trimming the fat is an easy way to cut the calories and saturated fat. As the steaks are such good quality, there really is no need for sauce (and skipping this is another great way to reduce the calories). Opt for salad with your steak, instead of chips or mash – it will give you vitamins and the fibre content makes salad more filling than you might think. Alternatively ask to swap your side for one of the many veg options they have on the menu (grilled veg, tenderstem broccoli, grilled mushrooms, chantenay carrots or grilled asparagus – but do ask for them without butter or oil).

If steak isn’t your thing, there are plenty of options to chose from. The grilled spatchcock chicken served with mixed salad, lemon and chipotle sauce (ideally skip the sauce, or ask for it on the side so you can choose how much you have) sounds simple and delicious.

If you like fish, why not try the miso glazed salmon with tenderstem broccoli and squid ink mayonnaise – mayo tends to be very high in fat, so best to go without it. Alternatively, the tuna steak with  gribiche sauce, grilled asparagus, pickled cider onions – again, try to avoid the sauce due to its high fat content. If you need to add to your meal, the salads and the veg talked about above are healthier ways to help fill you up.

Surprisingly for a steakhouse, the vegetarian options also sound tasty. My number one choice would be the spicy quinoa with grilled vegetables, spicy sweet potato bisque.

Hopefully these delicious starters and mains will fill you up so you don’t need dessert….there is no way around it, dulche de leche just isn’t healthy! Sorbet is the healthiest choice on offering but they generally contain a lot of sugar.

Lastly, it would be wrong of me not to mention Argentina’s other famous export – red wine. It is undoubtedly the natural companion to steak, but it is loaded with calories (we all know alcohol in excess isn’t good for our general health or our waistlines). If you’re with a group, I recommend picking one nice bottle of wine so you can have one glass, and otherwise drinking water.

If you are eating with just one or two others, having A glass of wine often means having to order the house wine. I commend Lomito for offering a good variety of wines ‘by the glass’, so you can have one glass of the wine you want without having to order a bottle.

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