The Crazy Bear in Beaconsfield – A healthy option from your Personal Trainer

We’re cranking things up a notch this month and heading to that mercurial mammal in the luxurious heart of Beaconsfield: The Crazy Bear. Now a prominent fixture in the town’s varied repertoire of high-end eateries


– and incidentally, the oldest documented building in Beaconsfield – you can enjoy fine food, live music, a spot of Thai-based pampering and, depending on how the mood takes you, a quick splash in the outside pool terrace… As long as no one is watching, of course! (NB That isn’t actually permitted, but I can’t help thinking how much fun it would be).

Granted, I was there purely to sample the cuisine – and that I did in abundance. Crazy Bear boasts a Thai restaurant, an elaborately-designed bar with light bites and, for the early risers, a tempting breakfast menu (protein-packed Oxfordshire Aberdeen Angus sirloin steak and fried hens’ eggs to start the day, thank you very much). However, it was the classic a la carte offering from the English Restaurant which jolted my healthy eating juices on this particular occasion. Better still, I was in the pleasure of even finer company (no questions, please) and therefore chose to take up the sharing options available. Yes, James does share food, believe it or not…


Plenty of good stuff here, and most of it more than adequate to tick that healthy box. As always, olives provide an ideal start to your meal, so I’d recommend a serving of the Mixed Marinated Queen Green and Mammoth Black Olives (it’s always more appealing when dishes are described as “mammoth”) alongside either the Oak Smoked Scottish Salmon, Nicoise Salad or Poached Asparagus. In addition to being a good source of quality protein, salmon and tuna contain essential omega-3 acids (fatty acids) which, aside from general wellbeing, contribute to a healthy heart and brain. Asparagus, meanwhile, is high in fibre, low in fat and an unlikely source of protein.


Right, no messing around with this lot: It’s a meat and fish bonanza! At 500g a portion, either the Whole Native Lobster or Chateaubriand For Two will dent your wallet but bless your palette, and if you can’t make your mind up between which one to plump for (sharing isn’t always straightforward, after all), combine them both and order the Surf and Turf. Elsewhere the Mixed Grilled Fish For Two is satisfyingly substantial (minus the béarnaise sauce). Remember, is preferred to fried as it has less fat and a lower calorie content. Plus, the shorter cooking time results in less moisture being lost and more nutrients being retained.


Yep, your eyes do not deceive you. For the second month running, I am genuinely recommending a dessert. Naturally, I’d prefer you to finish your meal with a healthy coffee, but if you must indulge in something sweet, the Chilled Apricot Soup isn’t a bad option. I’d suggest ordering without the lychee ice cream – unless you’re prepared to go that extra step further in your next training session with me! Now there’s an incentive…

As always, please do let me know if you sample the delights of The Crazy Bear for yourselves. I know I’m a big meat man, but the fact all meats served in the restaurant are butchered at The Crazy Bear Farm Shop – the first in the world to be awarded TSG status – just adds that little extra quality.


Do let me know if you head down to one of Bucks’ latest gems any time soon. It would be great to hear what you chose and, more importantly, what you thought. Oh, and don’t be afraid to ask for something specific – they may be able to adapt a meal for you.

To read more about The Crazy Bear, see the full menu or book a table, visit the official website.

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