The Best Way To Train Abs

I am often getting asked about the best way to train abs. My answer is simpleā€¦ you should activate your core/abdominal unit with every exercise that you do.

Therefore, I prefer functional movements that involve as many muscle groups as possible instead of machine-based exercises where you sit down and isolate a muscle group. Whenever you do any functional movement you have to activate your core in order to stabilise the torso. It the stabilisation that activates the transverse abdominus, the deep lying abdominal muscle that acts like a corset to tighten around the torso and create a stabile platform for you to move. Therefore, whether you are squatting, lunging or doing press ups your abs should be working.

Once you have done all your functional movements, it is ok to finish of the session with some more abdominal exercises. Just make sure you do exercises that work your lower & upper abdominals, as well as your internal and external obliques.

For more information on how to train you abdominals properly please contact me at james@positiveimpactfitness.co.uk


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