Win the morning!

… And subsequently win the day. Rise and shine with these seven routine steps to help you boss the next 24 hours

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It’s not often – if ever, in fact – a quote from a certain Charles Haddon Spurgeon is referenced within the health and fitness realm. On this occasion, however, the old fella’s 19th century utterances may have just struck a chord with aspiring Bucks-based Personal Trainers of the future.

“Begin as you mean to go on, and go on as you began.” Good point, Mr HS. And ideal inspiration for this quarter’s blog. Let us begin (as we mean to go on, that is)…

Question: Have you ever thought about dominating the first hour of your day? You should, because developing a strict morning routine will develop good habits. By starting your day with verve, you’ll soon see everything else fall into place – providing you’ve made provisions for that to be the case.

Here are six straightforward suggestions as to how you can celebrate each day by simply having a solid structure from the moment you wake up. Rise and shine, people…

1.  Start with a pint.

drinking water

Of water, I mean. Aside from the well-documented benefits water provides for general wellbeing, filling up that glass first thing is effectively a pre-cursor for how you plan to combat your day; the water is the list of tasks you have lined up while your consumption is the metaphoric completion of every single one of them. Job done. Or job begun, rather.

2.  Make your bed.

health and tidiness

Sure, you do this already, but do you always make your bed to the level you’d like a perfectly made bed to be? Think about it. How you do anything is how you do everything, so allow an extra few minutes every morning to start your day with nothing but excellence. Creating success means you return to success. A meticulously clean house is far more inspirational than a token tidy up.

3.  Breathe.

stretch and breathe

And stretch. Again, you do both of these already. But just like you spend five minutes brushing your teeth every morning, schedule a specific period of time to loosen those limbs and focus on your breathing. Hone a positive state of mind right from the get-go, boost energy levels and encourage a healthy blood flow through the system. You can’t tackle the day if you’re not at one with yourself.

4.  Avoid that phone.

mobile phone

Think of your morning routine and how prominent a mobile phone is within that. For many people, reaching for their handset – and instantly becoming distracted – is the first thing they do every morning. Instead of proactively focusing on yourself and the vision you have for your day, you can be in danger of reacting to what everyone else is doing before you’ve even contemplated making your own choices. For now, forget the texts and the it’s-a-Chihuahua-that-looks-like-a-muffin meme someone has posted for the umpteenth time. Sort out your own house first. Everything, and everyone else, can wait.

5.  Schedule your social.

social media

Further to the above, I’m not foolish enough to ignore the influence of social media. It is now very much a part of this wonderful world in which we dwell and certainly has a place for strengthening business and relations. So go ahead and schedule a Twitter time-out, a Facebook five minutes and the snappiest of Snapchats, but keep engagement to a minimum. When time is up (I’m talking ten minutes maximum), close those browsers and move on.

6. Write down goals.

health goals

Set a plan of action based on what you intend to achieve – and then tick them off as you go. Rather than these being complex, life-changing events which might carry so much weight you end up putting them off altogether, make a list as small as three realistically achievable goals. These can be geared towards work or your personal life and can range from organising the family photo album to completing 300 squats. By physically ticking each one off, you can reflect on a real sense of accomplishment come the end of the day. And if you’re anything like me, you’ll buy an inescapable notice board on which to jot the goals down and ensure you see them off one by one.
I’m a firm believer you can only make a certain amount of good decisions in one day, so creating routines to reduce that decision fatigue is imperative to a healthy lifestyle.
Benefit from the science of momentum and live by Spurgeon’s spiel.

Remember, if you can win the morning, you can win the day!

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