EXTREME CAUTION: Diets are dangerous!

With great nutrition comes great results. Here’s why you should bid farewell to fads… “And the new…” Seeing all 245lbs of Anthony Joshua consolidate his status as a four-belt world heavyweight champion earlier this month not only led me to tread Cardiffian concrete for the first time since my heady (read: in bed by 9 […]

Farewell Fatigue! Too many decisions, that’s what. And it’s tiring everyone out

Decisions, decisions… It’s the start of a new year and a time where pressure needlessly mounts to ponder pivotal decisions people presume might just shape the next 12 months. More on that later. Firstly, that opening line will forever remind me of an early 90’s advert for the hot chocolate brand, Options. “Aaaah. Decisions, decisions,” […]

Win the morning!

Win the morning! … And subsequently win the day. Rise and shine with these six routine steps to help you boss the next 24 hours It’s not often – if ever, in fact – a quote from a certain Charles Haddon Spurgeon is referenced within the health and fitness realm. On this occasion, however, the […]

The Power of 300

Three hundred simple seconds. Every day. For the next 30 days. This, my clients, is your challenge… Haven’t you noticed? I’ve been sharing my culture with you all year… A new age has begun, my clients. An age of fitness freedom. An age where that elusive feel good factor lies entirely in your hands (well, […]

Are you feeling Flexible?

Start stretching those limbs, ladies and gents. Your body will thank you for it! It’s that time again, isn’t it? Spring has indeed… Nope! In 2017 we shall continue the process of avoiding all mattress-based clichés in an attempt not to sound like every other promotional campaign out there the moment someone sneezes at the […]

Have yourself a merry little Christmas with these five festive fitness and nutrition tips…

Feast on fitness this Christmas! Pre-read-of-blog warning: mega Christmas carol pun overload! We’ve all been there. It’s January 1 and you’re excited at what the year has in store, but equally concerned about the aftermath of that Christmas and New Year gorge you simply couldn’t resist. “Do you hear what I hear?” you cry as […]

Be SMART with your Fitness goals

GET REAL. GET S.M.A.R.T. Fitness goals. We’ve all set them. We’re all desperate to achieve them. So as January reaches its end and the fruits of those rather grating yet fashionably stated “New year, new me” labours begin to emerge for some, others can be left bemoaning the fact that, once again, they’ve failed to […]

Ab Sculpting for Valentine’s Day – 6 Great Exercises you should do

Make a Lasting Impression this Valentines Day with these Six Pack/ Flat Ab Exercises It’s nearly time for cupid to strike his bow, and whether you are single ad ready to mingle or in a couple, it’s still a great excuse to get your abs and core looking as tight as they can be. These […]

4 Key pointers to help you shed that Xmas weight

New Year, New You… It’s just the start of Christmas but I’ve already seen some clients wanting to prepare for the New Year. It’s understandable really, we all like some time off to indulge and I won’t be in line to tell you how to behave, especially over Christmas! However in the New Year I […]

5 tips to help you fit into your favourite party dress or suit for the Crimbo party

Sometimes we need a special occasion to propel us on to reach our fitness goals… I get plenty of clients wanting fitness and dietary advice for a variety of occasions, but the Christmas party is always a key event in my calendar. The first thing I always say is that drastic diets are out. I […]