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Are you seeking the expertise of a fully qualified Personal Trainer In Beaconsfield?

Look no further! Positive Impact offers professional and tailored 1-1 personal training in Beaconsfield. Public gyms can be quite intimidating and distracting, especially if you are new to the gym or have low confidence. That’s why we offer training either virtually or at our exclusive gym!

With a deep understanding of exercise science, nutrition, injury recovery and motivation, our tailored personal training packages in Beaconsfield will help you develop a tailored package that caters to your specific goals and desires.

My qualifications include:

  • BSc Sport Science Diploma in fitness instruction and personal training
  • NSCA Strength & Conditioning
  • CHEK Institutes Exercise Coaching


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Experience of training with clients in Beaconsfield to help them achieve realistic goals with the following…

  • Losing weight
  • Improving muscle tone
  • Increasing cardiovascular fitness
  • Injury rehabilitation


James at Positive Impact Fitness is a highly reputable personal trainer with outstanding transformational testimonials. Customer satisfaction guaranteed.

Start your fitness journey today and experience the benefits of working with a fully qualified trainer! Enquire via our contact form and receive a FREE health and fitness consultation.

Already started your fitness and wellbeing journey? Check out our personal trainer Beaconsfield top fitness tips.

The process of starting with Positive Impact Fitness

  1. FREE initial consultation – discussing your goals, medical history, concerns or limitations.
  2. Fitness assessment – evaluation of your current fitness level, body composition and functional capabilities. This also may include the recording of your height, weight and body fat percentage.
  3. Goal setting – establishing clear and realistic fitness goals that align with your designs/capabilities.
  4. Program Design – based on your assessment and goal discussion, personal trainers will design a tailored exercise and nutrition program.
  5. Exercise Sessions – regular exercise sessions with your personal trainer according to the agreed upon frequency/duration.
  6. Progress Tracking and Adjustments – The personal trainer will regularly monitor your progress by tracking performance improvements, changes in body composition and overall fitness advancements. The trainer will then determine whether to alter your program to ensure continued progress.
  7. Communication and Feedback – Making sure that you are maintaining open communication with your fitness trainer. From questions to sharing concerns.
  8. Long Term Support – As you achieve your original goals, discussing with your trainer about developing a long term plan and new goals.



  • Personal Trainer 5 Star Reviews | Positive Impact Fitness
  • C.H.E.K Institute Holistic Lifestyle Coach | Positive Impact Fitness
  • CSCS Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist | Positive Impact Fitness
  • Personal Trainer Diploma | Positive Impact Fitness
  • Brunel University London BSc Sports Science Course | Positive Impact Fitness

Why Train With Me...

  • motivate.
  • educate.
  • achieve.


Personal Trainer Beaconsfield Personal Trainer Beaconsfield
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