Personal Training Packages

After your free Health and Fitness consultation and assessment you have several options for how you want to continue your personal training experience:

The Planning package is ideal for those that are highly motivated and exercise on  a frequent basis. Our team will design and write a new exercise programme for you every month to ensure that you stay focused on achieving your goals as well as have variety in your work out routine.

Progress (1 session per week)
The Progress package is ideal for those who already exercise or are motivated to train on their own for 2 or 3 more sessions during the week. As part of this package not only will we provide you with a new innovative personal training session, we will give you nutritional guidance as well as provide you with an exercise programme for your other weekly sessions.

Results (2 sessions per week)
The Results package is ideal for someone who is new to exercise or knows that they need to be motivated to do regular exercise. As part of this package you will get 2 unique and exciting personal training sessions per week. We will also set you weekly training goals as well as complete regular reviews of your nutrition to ensure that you reach your health and fitness goals.

Performance (3+ sessions per week)
The Performance package is my premium package and is ideal for those who want to hand over all of their training and nutrition responsibility to us. Our team will motivate you to achieve your fitness goals and all you have to do is turn up!


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