The Crazy Bear in Beaconsfield – A healthy option from your Personal Trainer

We’re cranking things up a notch this month and heading to that mercurial mammal in the luxurious heart of Beaconsfield: The Crazy Bear. Now a prominent fixture in the town’s varied repertoire of high-end eateries – and incidentally, the oldest documented building in Beaconsfield – you can enjoy fine food, live music, a spot of […]

The Brasserie Blanc, Beaconsfield – A healthy option from the menu​

If you haven’t been to Brasserie Blanc in Beaconsfield – you are missing out. A French restaurant, this place sets the scene for a really romantic or civilized night out. Washed beams, a focus on a good hearty breakfast and a well-stocked wine cellar means this is the perfect place to meet up with good […]

The Beech House, Beaconsfield – A healthy option from the menu​

With it’s beautiful beech wood interior, leather seats and cozy chairs, when I’m feeling like a special dinner after a week of working hard, I always come to The Beech House in Beaconsfield. In fact, this has a great Sunday lunch and some other great menus – and for a foodie that’s also a fitness […]