The Crazy Bear in Beaconsfield – A healthy option from your Personal Trainer

We’re cranking things up a notch this month and heading to that mercurial mammal in the luxurious heart of Beaconsfield: The Crazy Bear. Now a prominent fixture in the town’s varied repertoire of high-end eateries – and incidentally, the oldest documented building in Beaconsfield – you can enjoy fine food, live music, a spot of […]

Basmati, Beaconsfield – A healthy option from the menu​

If you’re looking for the best curry in Beaconsfield – then surely you have to try Basmati Indian Restaurant in Beaconsfield! It’s all in the name! The whole restaurant is relaxed with great service and the food is to die for, and yes, I know that when you say ‘curry’ you might not think diet […]

The Brasserie Blanc, Beaconsfield – A healthy option from the menu​

If you haven’t been to Brasserie Blanc in Beaconsfield – you are missing out. A French restaurant, this place sets the scene for a really romantic or civilized night out. Washed beams, a focus on a good hearty breakfast and a well-stocked wine cellar means this is the perfect place to meet up with good […]