Fiona Kyle

“I have been training with James for a couple of years. Initially to kick-start myself getting back in to exercise after having fallen in to a very lazy but comfortable rut, then as time went on I had to admit that I actually enjoyed the rather gruelling 121 focused approach where there is no room to hide or coast (as you can in the gym or classes!).

James always knows when I have more to give and pushes me to the max – there is never a session where I don’t feel I’ve given it everything and usually some I didn’t know I had, often confirmed with aching muscles the next few days. As someone whose natural state is on the sofa with a glass of wine, discovering that it is possible for even my elbows to sweat is both slightly alarming and a major achievement!

I am without question in the best shape I’ve ever been and actually look forward to each session, James works hard to make it interesting and keep me on my toes.

James’ approach is straightforward and honest – exercise and eat sensibly and you get the results – but it never falls into the ‘thou shall not’ school of thought. After all, I am old enough to have figured out how it works by now, even if I might choose to ignore it”.

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