Helen Sutton

“The minute I found out I was pregnant I got in touch with James who had also trained my husband before. I knew I wanted to maintain my fitness as long as possible to keep me healthy and prepare me for labour but didn’t want to run any risks to myself or the baby by doing the wrong thing.

I trained with James weekly throughout pregnancy and ran till about 5 months at which point I switched to lots of walking. I am now a proud mum, and started training again as soon as I could – I was delighted to have stayed fairly fit and it seemed to help me feel better despite the sleep deprivation in the early weeks. We even had the baby in the room for some of the early sessions, she got to watch (or sleep) while I was put through my paces.

James did a lot of research for me into restrictions on both ante-natal and post-natal training, which made me confident that I was pushing myself but still being sensible. Sadly now 7 months postnatal I am no longer a special case and the sessions are as hard as ever!”

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