John Pullan

“I have been training with James for the last 18 months, I was looking for some extra support to help me in my marathon training and general fitness.

Having worked with a couple of personal trainers in the past I expected to go through some fairly gruelling workouts but I was not expecting the level of preparation and research that James would go into. He mentioned he would plan and write a “tailor-made” program for me based on the results from an assessment and I expected the usual weights and abs work but instead, I was confronted with a completely new type of fitness training regime.

James listened to my needs and objectives and looked closely at my capabilities and condition and devised a number of effective and interesting programs to help me achieve my goals, for example, to achieve some of the strength objectives we set I needed to dramatically improve my core strength (something I had previously not been made aware of). Within a very short space of time, my core is strong and I am achieving certain things I didn’t think I was capable of”.

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