Heidi Edmunson

“I have always exercised, however, my idea of exercise was to buy an expensive running machine from John Lewis and simply persevere. Because I am quite single-minded, I stuck to the task although I wasn’t really convinced that I was achieving much. A friend of mine recommended James but I wasn’t sure and I couldn’t figure how I would get the expense past my husband. Anyhow, I decided to give it a go.

I know it’s a real cliche to say I haven’t looked back, however, I cannot more aptly describe the situation. I still use the running machine as part of my programme but it is all the other exercises and routines that James has introduced which have really worked. He is an outstanding motivator, he has made it fun for me, given me a real sense of self-belief and I could not recommend him more highly. I feel that I have gone a million miles in just three months and even my spendthrift husband is convinced. What more can I say!”

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