The Apple Tree, Gerrards Cross – A healthy option from your Personal Trainer

The Food at the Apple Tree Gerrards Cross

If you’re looking for a local restaurant to you that’s quirky and eclectic enough for a dinner date, offers a to die for Sunday roast, and that’s quick enough for a spot of lunch, you’d be mad not to take a trip to The Apple Tree in Gerrards Cross.

Situated on the Beaconsfield/London Road this is a gastropub that offers a warm welcome, which is ideal for grabbing a quick bite to eat after a personal training session.

The menu is so diverse, I want to talk you through the meals that get my stamp of approval as the resident personal trainer in Beaconsfield!

The lunch menu is a great example of what healthy food should be like! As soon as you come in you will be offered some nibbles and platters to share – this is a great taste of what’s yet to come! If you have a big post workout appetite and like fish then the fisherman’s platter with smoked salmon, salmon caviar, crayfish, salt & dill squid, Devon crab mayonnaise, smoked cod roe pâté and toasted artisan rustic bread will make you very happy indeed.

The other healthy nod of approval goes to the Mediterranean mezze, a feast of baba ghanoush, hummus crumbed aubergines, tzatziki, harissa hummus, seasoned flat bread and toasted spiced sunflower & pumpkin seeds – a superfood bowl disguised as a tasty platter – very sneaky!

My recommendation for starters (if you have space), would be the slow gin smoked Severn & Wye salmon with lime crème fraîche and summer slaw or the Maldon sea salt & dill squid with Aioli and cucumber & spring onion salad. A 100g serving of salmon contains 25g of protein, not to mention the high levels of potassium, selenium and vitamin B12 and omega-3 fatty acids. In case you didn’t know Aioli is a sauce made of olive oil, eggs, and garlic. I can’t rave enough about olive oil and with added vitamin E, as well as the addition of garlic this is an antioxidant packed lunch – and we are still just at the starter stage!

If you don’t like fish, I would suggest asking for the soup of the day – if it is a creamy one, then make the Beech mushrooms in a white wine & black garlic velouté with a free range poached egg your next best option.

For main, the Apple Tree has a lot of pizzas, sandwiches and delicious bits such as pork belly, but if you are watching your physique, I really recommend sticking to leaner cuts of meat and more vegetables. The spit-roasted half chicken with lemon & garlic confit, jus, and aioli topped fries is a great example, packed with protein and healthy fats. You could share your fries or ask for a switch to sweet potato chips from the sides menu. As I say, Aioli is great, but covering chips in it doesn’t make them a superfood!

You can also enjoy a decent salad here – from the whole food salad with asparagus, blueberries, pomegranate, watermelon and summer slaw with pineapple and lemon grass & ginger dressing – where you can add in chicken or salmon for under £5 a portion, or the smoked beetroot and cranberry couscous salad with roasted squash, candied pistachios and feta.

Things to avoid that might catch you out (asides the obvious big burgers and pizzas) would be the marinated sticky chicken. Sticky sauces tend to have a lot of sugars in them which can cause your blood sugar to spike and fall rapidly, but if in doubt, watch your portions, eat sensibly and try and make your meal as colourful as possible with natural foods!

Have you been to The Apple Tree yet? I hope to catch you there soon!

The Apple Tree Restaurant Gerrards Cross

PS – As a favour, do you have any friends looking to take up personal training in Gerrards Cross? Not all the residents are clients yet, and I would love for you to recommend me if you enjoy my training sessions (and my tips for some foodie fun at the weekends!)